Biocatalyst of the organic substance.

It is an association of plant extracts capable of humifying and mineralizing any type of organic substance; the protein substrate associated with the enzyme mixture makes OMENZYM unique.

The product is supplied in powder form, for an optimal concentration of its properties, and to minimize the environmental impact of the "packaging".

OMENZYM is completely natural and harmless to humans, animals and fish.

Professional use

Waste water depuration plants, phyto-depuration included

OMENZYM is money-saving and makes it possible to improve the performance of the plants. Results of its applications are:

  • Bulking and foaming problems removal
  • Unpleasant smells removal
  • Reduction in the quantity of final sludge in the sedimentation tank 
  • Electric energy-saving due to reduced need for oxygen
  • Suitability of sludge as a fertiliser 
  • Degradation of pharmacological residues, tensioactives, polyphenols, lipids and hydrocarbons
  • COD and BOD reduction.
  • Reduction of mechanical breakdowns
  • Incrustations removal

OMENZYM can be used for an efficient set up of new plants and also as a backup for underestimated plants like those in tourist areas where the amount of organic materials to be treated changes considerably during the year. 

Landfill Sites
Using Omenzym in such areas, it is possible:

  • to remove unpleasant smells
  • to reduce the COD parameter in the dropping liquid
  • to reduce the amount of waste material accumulated (a higher evaporation of the humidity) saving space and money
  • to produce a huge amount of biogas

Sewages. bad smells removal, remediation and enviromental sanitation, reduction of mosquitoes, rats and insects, depuration of the sewage flow with consequent support to the depuration plant;

Olive Oil Mills 
Waste water from olive oil production is extremely polluting. It contains a high level of organic components, polyphenols and occasionally, residues of pesticides and plant protection products. It is also an acid and smells unpleasantly. 

Omenzym can amend all these problems and makes the water optimal for the fertilisation of arid lands.

Omenzym can, in fact, degrade those chemical residues present in the waste, rebalance the pH parameter and reduce enormously the COD.

This kind of waste water that represents a big problem nowadays must to be turned into a great resource for farming and the environment.

Stock Farms
Omenzym is successfully used in stock farms resulting to a significant improvement in the hygienic conditions of the animals. Being absolutely non-toxic, it can be applied directly in the sheds. In this way, a substantial removal of unpleasant smells  which tend to attract unwanted insects is obtained together with a pre-treatment of the muck.

Compost plants and biogas plants reduction in the processing time of compost and biogas production, reduction of the volume of the compost piles, bad smells removal, better quality of biogas 

Domestic use

  • Septic tanks. OMENZYM keeps the drains unblocked (so it reduces expenses for cleaning operations) and removes unpleasant smells. Furthermore, after the application of OMENZYM, the sludge from the septic tank can be used as a fertiliser.

  • Domestic composting. decreases the time of its maturation, improves the quality of the final product, produces a higher evaporation of the humidity resulting to smaller compost heaps, reduces the operations of overturning due to the reduction of internal anoxia.

  • Spraying OMENZYM in the garden will energise plants and also reduce proliferation of mosquitoes and insects in general