Who we are

Ecological advice and solutions

Futura Sas, was born in 1986 as Marketing Futura Sas. 

Since then he has operated in the agriculture and ecology sectors with the belief that "ecology" means, always, "saving of resources" together with "respect for nature". The "ecological" behaviors are a pleasure to practice for anyone who wants to live in a beautiful environment, healthy and comfortable. 
We have provided ecological solutions, for domestic and professional problems, which also offer a economic savings for the user. With this in mind, the use of our completely natural product has been included: OMENZYM.
OMENZYM, an enzymatic mixture accompanied / activated by a protein substrate, can be used in agriculture and in many other sectors such as: treatment-reuse of organic waste, purification of waste water, sanitization road and sewage systems, elimination of bad smells, reclamation, biological control of pests (rats, insects, etc.). In over 30 years of experience we have developed excellent know-how also for provide ADVICE in the search for ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS to the problems of "environmental compatibility" of the production processes of companies and public bodies.
In October 2021 Futura Sas ended its business following the unbearable tax burden, bureaucratic and as a consequence of what we consider senseless liberticidal norms establishing the "Unspeakable" "green pass". The site remains active for any contacts with people who want to exchange constructive ideas on ecological solutions and / or possibly investing in a new commercialization of OMENZYM.