Nauseating smell removal

Electrical power savings in depuration plants and pumping stations

Final mud reduction in depuration plants and imhoff process

Sewers and cesspools reclaim, with incrustation inhibition and considerable cleaning out intervention reduction

Elimination of chlorine, tar disinfectants, soaps, etc. use

Reduction of mechanical breakdowns in depuration plants

Transformation in organic additive of waste material of agricultural and alimentary processes


Perfect for:

Municipalities, campings, hotels, restaurants, co-ownerships, houses, agricultural and alimentary fields such as sausage factories, butcher shops, slaughter houses, oil-mills, farms.


The product is innocuous for humans, animals and fishes. Omenzym is a non caustic product that settles pH level and in the biological depuration process allows deodorization, removal of incrustations and fluidifies solid materials avoiding any possible obstruction of the sewers.



Municipal and private companies for garbage disposal

Ecological service companies

Hospitals, barraks, communities, hotels, nursing-homes

Agricultural and alimentary factories

RSU treatments

Campings, swimming pools and roulottes

Zoo-technical farms

Civil open sky sewers, depuration plants sewers, imhoff processes or cesspools

Sausage factories, butcher shops, slaughter houses, sugar refineries, oil-press, etc.


Obstructed sewer problems?

Cesspool problems?

Today, with Omenzym, you can avoid cleaning out, saving money

With Omenzym you can remove nauseating smell

With Omenzym you can reclaim the environment without disinfecting

With Omenzym you transform the contents of your cesspool in an active organic additive for your garden and your kitchen garden

Innocuous and without collateral effects, can be used in presence of animals



Vegetable or animal organic garbage as food, meat, fruits, vegetables

Rubbish deriving from houses, hotels, restaurants, shops or foodstuff department-stores

Cutted grass and leaves

Kitchen-gardens vegetables or fruit remains

Every kind of domestic animal dung

Cesspools contents

Sewers and cesspools



The garbage can be stored in heaps or in non deep holes or in open dedicated containers

The garbage must be well soaked in Omenzym

Water can be added to the solution after its preparation to better fit the purpose

Using Omenzym three or four times a year in sewers and cesspools will assure the full depuration, deodorization and removal of possible incrustations


Once finished the bioenzimatic purifying process, that can take 100-150 days, the resulting product can be used as humus to improve the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil.